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Behind the Little Red Hobbit Door!

Emma and Damian with their two children Alice and Jemima ventured into the unknown for their first experience of a glamping holiday. Thanks to Emma for such a candid account of her family’s glamping adventure.

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The Holiday Spirit

Emma in the Yurt: “I think our very first foray into camping was on a farm in Somerset, we flopped into our tiny canvas shelter at about 4 in the morning, had about 3 minutes sleep and then left the next day cold and wet.

Since then, the very word camping has given me the shivers… hard ground, damp clothes & sleeping bags really don’t appeal any more. So, this Easter when my husband suggested a glamping holiday in a Yurt, I nearly passed out. I couldn’t think of anything worse with a 6 and 2 ½ year old, so I said “NO!”

Then I thought about it… why do so many people rave about these glamping holidays? Freedom for the children, fresh air, getting away from it all, break from routine…all sounded very positive, but the thought of being freezing cold in April under canvas still didn’t really appeal. Don’t ask me how, but I was eventually persuaded to give it a go.

My expectations were low, but the children were excited & so was my husband, so on the way there I started to get into the holiday spirit.

A child in the yurt kitchen

Deepest, Darkest Herefordshire!

After a good journey (there were no fights in the back of the car!) we arrived unflustered & pleasantly surprised. .. a beautiful little hamlet in deepest darkest Herefordshire was before us, rabbits hopping across the road, horses galloping in fields, butterflies fluttering in the hedgerows, daffodils adorning the roadside – what a delightful little place!

Midland Farm was just around the next corner.. Charlie came out to greet us & showed us to our parking spot, right next to the yurt, so no worries there (I’d packed for all eventualities, so how far we’d got to carry our bags was very important at this point!!)

We followed him through the gate expectantly, he opened the little red hobbit door & ‘Wow’! I had no idea a yurt could be so lovely– it was like looking at a house you instantly want to buy. Sarah (Charlie’s wife & who’s ‘project’ this is) has decorated the space in warm reds & greens with little lanterns, a wonderful French double bed with a custom made mattress, elegant bedside tables with lamps (I thought we’d be using a torch at night!), and lots of other tasteful furniture.

I needn’t have packed anything for the girls to play with, there was a dolls house, full brio train set & other charming little toys hidden away to find on a rainy day..

This was the perfect start to what was about to be one of our best holidays with the children ever!

Comfort is a Pile of Fluffy Towels

There was more, not only did the ‘Shepherds hut’ (where we could cook & eat ) have a fridge & cooker, but everything you could possibly need – cups, plates & cutlery, glasses, bottle openers, salt & pepper & even a little bowl of sugar. Glamping it definitely was & I was beginning to like it! Especially when I saw the power shower in the bathroom with a selection of fluffy towels….

The first night was definitely not as cold as I’d feared – the wood burner got the yurt beautifully toasty to begin with & then as the temperature dipped to minus 3 outside, we turned on a heater. Perfect, we were warmer than at home! The country noises took us ‘townies’ a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of nights, we were all sleeping soundly.

Our evenings were spent in the cosy Shepherds Hut reading & chatting – something we don’t always have the chance to do at home.


I am a convert! My husband laughs & says he knew I’d love it, but I really didn’t know what this glamping holiday was going to be like. We’ll definitely go back to Midland Farm, and probably to another yurt, (if we can find one as lovely). The children got so much out of this break & keep asking to go back.

So all in all, a unanimous ‘Thumbs Up’ to Mr & Mrs Smith for their wonderful yurt in an idyllic setting. We’ll be back!

and so to bed………….


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