Love at First Sight.

We moved to this lovely part of Herefordshire twelve years ago. It was love at first sight, and in that time we have completed extensive work to the house and gardens, which are open to the public twice a year. We would love to show you round during your stay.

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Optimistically called pets, there is plenty of wildlife at Midland Farm, so expect to hear the sheep, chickens, ducks and goats during your stay.

All are “guest friendly” or will simply run off!

Henry the cat has become an institution – much loved by guests until he brings you a rabbit.

But don’t worry – there is a picket fence to keep most of them at arm’s length.

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Our Guests Saytestimonials

Simply stunning! Beautiful, private, quiet and tucked away. Superb menagerie of animals and friendly helpful people. Highly recommended!

Meet the Gang

Our adorable menagerie!

We have 8 Shetland sheep, four mums with their lambs. They are friendly and some will come up to you for a stroke or something to eat. They all have traditional Shetland names such as Lulwa and Deedups.

Flossie, pictured above, is our Collie/Patterdale cross. She is super friendly once she has calmed down (can take a while) .  Bertie is our miniature long haired Dachshund who suffers from small man syndrome, and finally Daisy is our venerable 18-year-old Jack Russell, a little hard of hearing these days.

We have four pigmy goats; pictured above is Neddy.  They are all skilled escape artists and like nothing better than clearing the veggie garden when we are not looking.

A fair assortment of ladies free to wander in the field. They might lay you an egg or two if we can find them. We also have a couple of boys to give you an early morning alarm call.

Molly, pictured above is aloof and likes nothing better than curling up somewhere toasty.
On the other hand Henry, our ginger ninja, is everyone’s favourite.  Much reviewed on-line, he will curl up with you and dribble. Plus deliver the odd rabbit.

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